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44-40 Winchester Ammo

Circa 1885

Antique 44-40 Ammo

These Winchester boxes are very desirable to collectors and are always in great demand because of the “old-time” graphics. A picture of a Model 73’ carbine is shown on the front side label. The labels specify that the cartridges are for a “Winchester Rifle Model 1873”. A great display item to go with a Winchester 73′ or a Colt Frontier Six Shooter of the same era.

44-40 Winchester Ammo

Winchester Brand Cartridges

This is a full, UNOPENED, box of antique 44-40 Central Fire, black powder cartridges in overall excellent condition. However, the top green label shows a water stain in the top left corner, about 1″ x ½” in size. Also, a few minor scrapes around the “Central Fire” marking. Otherwise, it is in near perfect condition with all the side labels intact and un-broken. Lastly, the box looks like it was on the bottom of the stack.  Therefore, the lid was pushed down slightly over the side label seams.

Covered with plastic wrap for protection.


Clarks Antiques – 44-40 Winchester Ammo – Price $1,200.00

Item #1576

* Can’t ship antique or modern ammo to California, Hawaii, and Alaska


This item pairs well with our Colt SAA John Daggett