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44 Henry Ammo Rimfire

UMC Brand

Circa 1880’s

A nice early OPENED and FULL box of 44 Henry Ammo rimfire . Marked “44 Henry Flat” & “Model 1866”. This antique ammunition box of  Henry rimfire is in good condition with a good green colored top label showing a few scuffs and stains. The side, wrap-around labels, are all present and good, just being cut for opening. Also, all the seams are good and there is an old small (1 ¾”) tape repair at the back side. Likewise, the Guarantee on the bottom of the box is also good. All cartridges are present – untouched/uncleaned, all showing the “U” head stamp which is correct.

44 Henry Ammo Rimfire Flat Top Label
44 Henry Ammo Rimfire Flat Cartridges
44 Henry Ammo Rimfire Flat Side Label

History of the .44 Henry Rimfire Cartridge

One of the great reasons for the ultimate success of the Henry rifle, most notably the Henry Model 1860 repeating rifle, was the self-contained metallic .44 Henry cartridge.

In 1854, the Smith & Wesson Company had patented a lever action pistol using a toggle action and an integral front-loading magazine.  Unfortunately, the “rocket ball” ammunition used with this design left much to be desired.  Despite the limitations of rocket ball ammunition, the rocket ball was used in a number of attempts at making a commercially successful firearm.  As a result, this lead to the reorganization and creation of the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company. 

During this Smith & Wesson reorganization, Oliver Winchester became a major stockholder, eventually controlling the Company.  Subsequently, Oliver Winchester hired B. Tyler Henry to improve the Volcanic design.  B. Tyler Henry went one step further by improving the cartridge.  He invented a copper cased self-contained cartridge which made the bullets more reliable. Accordingly, the .44 caliber rimfire cartridge was born. With his new metallic cartridge and S & W’s lever action design, he developed the Henry Rifle.  Thus, the henry rifle, using the .44 rimfire cartridge, was the first reliable lever action rifle.

Box wrapped in plastic for protection.

Clarks Antiques – Antique 44 Henry Ammo Rimfire – Price $2,850.00 

Item #1419


This Henry Ammo Rimfire pairs well with our Winchester 1866 Henry Marked Rifle

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