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44 Henry Rimfire Flat

Antique Winchester Ammo

Circa Early 1870’s

A rare box of early 1870’s 44 Henry Rimfire flat cartridges that is still FACTORY SEALED. This Winchester box is in overall fine condition with the top green label showing fading to the darker side.

44 Henry Rimfire Flat

Winchester Henry Ammo

All the side wrapping is 100% complete and un-broken with “44 Flat R.F.” on three sides of the box.  Also, the guarantee marking is on the back side. The side wrap green color is not as dark as the top and the lettering is easier to see. In addition, all the seams are solid with only one small break (about ½” long) at the top right-hand corner. Therefore, this is a very solid box of ammo that is nearly 140 years old.

Certainly, to find an 1870’s Winchester box of UN-OPENED 44 Henry ammo is a very rare find.  A box of UN-OPENED Henry ammo from any era is a hard find and this one is in near mint condition. 

Covered with plastic wrap for protection.


Clarks Antiques – .44 Henry Flat Rimfire Ammo – Price $5,000.00 

Item #1591

* Can’t ship antique or modern ammo to California, Hawaii, and Alaska

Note:  If you are looking for .44 Henry ammo, single cartridges, we do have a limited selection of rim fire and central fire (.44 S&W American) available for purchase.  Please contact us for selection and pricing.


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