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44 S&W Russian Antique Ammo

Winchester Brand

Circa 1874 -1876

This antique ammo box of 44 S&W Russian Antique Ammo is a very early and desirable box.  The .44 Russian ammo box is OPENED with all the original cartridges in good untouched condition. The lid of the 2-piece box is in good condition with one side seam about half separated. The top green label has one small corner missing and shows darkening from age – but fully legible. The side wrap-around label is still intact on the lid and the reloading label is inside.

Top Green label for 44 S&W Russian Antique Ammo
Original Cartridges for 44 S&W Russian Antique Ammo

The bottom portion of the box has been re-glued at the seams and the bottom piece is a replacement. None of the wrap-around seal is left on the bottom piece. All-in-all it’s still a very desirable, early-early, central fire box of Winchester antique ammo.

Covered in plastic wrap for protection.

Item #1368

Clarks Antiques – 44 S&W Russian Antique Ammo – Price $750.00

* Can’t ship antique or modern ammo to California

This antique ammo pairs great with our Indian Scouts Guns & Holster Rig