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Antique Ammo 38 Long Rimfire

Antique Ammunition Circa 1885

A very fine box of Antique Ammo 38 Long Rimfire Winchester Brand cartridges. This antique ammo box has been OPENED and contains all 50 original, un-cleaned, cartridges with the “H” head stamp. The light green top label is in fine condition showing minor handling but no major losses. Almost all of the side wrap seal is present, just cut for opening. All the markings on the sides are present and also show the large red “W” on two sides.

Antique Ammo 38 Long Rimfire - Light Green Top Label
Antique Ammo 38 Long Rimfire - 50 Original uncleaned cartridges

A great looking antique ammo box that disappeared from the Winchester inventory around 1887.

Box wrapped in plastic for protection.


Clarks Antiques – Antique Ammo 38 Long Rimfire – Price $250.00

Item #1390

* Can’t ship antique or modern ammo to California