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Caliber 45 M1911 Ammo

U.S. Goverment Issue

Three great boxes of Caliber 45 M1911 ammo. All three are U.S. Government issue “Pistol Ball”. These are great display boxes to go with a M1911 collection.

The 1st box is an UNOPENED pre-WWII pack of 20 from the Frankford Arsenal, circa 1939.

The 2nd is a WWII era 50 round box from the Evansville Ordnance Plant, cartridges head stamped “EC 42“.

The 3rd box is a post WWII 50 round box from the Twin Cities Arsenal, cartridges head stamped “TW 56“.

All boxes are in excellent condition, the Evansville box showing some minor soiling.

Caliber 45 M1911 Ammo boxes
Pack of 20 Caliber 45 M1911 Ammo
Early box of Caliber 45 M1911 Ammo

Box 1 is covered with plastic wrap for protection.


Clarks Antiques – Caliber 45 M1911 Ammo – Price $149.00 SALE PENDING

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