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Winchester Brand 44 Henry Ammo

Circa late 1870’s

A nice original, full box, of Winchester brand 44 Henry Ammo, rimfire cartridges. This is an early Stetsons Patent box with a full compliment of original cartridges. The cartridges show the impressed “H” headstamps that came out in the late 1870’s.

Winchester Brand 44 Henry Ammo - Top Label
Winchester Brand 44 Henry Ammo - Side Label
Winchester Brand 44 Henry Ammo - Cartridges

The box is in fine overall condition with all the original cartridges in fine, untouched, condition. The green top label is fully intact with just some minor scuffs. The box has been OPENED and all the side labeling is intact. There are a few repaired split seams on the lid, nearly impossible to see.


History of the .44 Henry Rimfire Cartridge

One of the great reasons for the success of the Henry rifle was the development of the self-contained metallic .44 Henry cartridge.

In 1854, the Smith & Wesson Company patented a lever action pistol using a toggle action and an integral front-loading magazine. Unfortunately, the “rocket ball” ammunition used with this design left much to be desired. Despite the limitations of the rocket ball ammunition, the rocket ball was used in a number of attempts at making a commercially successful firearm. As a result, this led to the reorganization and creation of the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company.

During this Smith & Wesson reorganization, Oliver Winchester became a major stockholder. Smith & Wesson both dropped out of the Volcanic Arms Co. circa 1855-56 and Oliver Winchester reorganized, again, as the New Haven Arms Co. in 1857. Subsequently, Winchester hired B. Tyler Henry to improve the Volcanic design. Henry went one step further by improving the cartridge. He invented a copper cased self-contained cartridge which made the bullets more reliable. Accordingly, the .44 caliber Henry rimfire cartridge was born. With his new cartridge and S&W’s lever action design, he developed a new rifle. Thus, the Henry Rifle, using the .44 Henry rimfire cartridge, was the first reliable lever action rifle.

A really nice early example of a Winchester .44 Henry box.

Box wrapped in plastic for protection.

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Item #1770

This Henry Ammo Rimfire pairs well with our Engraved Winchester 1866 SRC

Note: If you are looking for .44 Henry ammo, single cartridges, we do have a limited selection of rim fire and central fire (.44 S&W American) available for purchase.  Please contact us for selection and pricing.

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