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New Items Recently Added to CLARKS ANTIQUES

Spotted Batwing Chaps

N. Porter, Phoenix, Arizona

Spotted Batwing Chaps

Clark’s Antiques New Items arrival are these beautiful Spotted Batwing Chaps.  Nothing reflects the old west like a vintage, maker marked, pair of western chaps. These chaps are maker marked “N. Porter, Phoenix, Ariz.” A great display item for a cowboy/gun room. The chaps are in fine condition, showing use and wear, but no damage or losses. 

Antique Colt 45 SAA Revolver

Made in 1897

A fine transitional model Colt Single Action Army revolver showing the smokeless frame, but in the “antique” serial number range. All the features are correct and a factory letter (included) confirms all features.


Colt 45 Single Action Revolver

Pattern 1872 Infantry Waist Belt

Trial Belt

1872 Pattern Infantry Belt

The Pattern 1872 Infantry Waist Belt was a trial brace system that was part of a cumbersome brace system to support the infantry knapsack. Even though only a trial belt, it was considered to be serviceable and continued to be issued and used in infantry units to about 1885. 


Wild West Show Rig

Circa 1890 – 1930

This beaded holster & leather cartridge belt is reminiscent of the fancy accouterments worn in the Wild West shows of the late 19th to early 20th century.  A great rig to display a fancy Colt SAA revolver.


Vintage Leather Show Rig