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Antique Gun Leather


Circa 1849 – 1865

This is a beautiful piece of antique gun leather.  This antique holster is an early Colt 49 Pocket Model Flap Holster for a Colt 1849 Pocket Model or Conversion revolver with a 5 – 6” barrel. This Civil War era holster holster is in excellent condition showing only slight use. All the original stitching is intact and good with about 90% or better of the original shinny finish.

There is no damage to this holster and it has never been oiled. The holster appears to have had a 5” barrel in it, but a 6” barrel fits perfect to the bottom of the holster. The holster was made without a bottom plug. A conversion model with a side mounted ejector housing will not fit.


Clarks Antiques – Antique Gun Leather – Colt 49 Pocket Model Flap Holster – Price $650.00

Item #1530