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Cowboy Belt and Western Holster

Bunkhouse Gun Rig for a 4 3/4″ SAA

This cowboy belt and western holster is a put-together bunkhouse gun rig from the early turn of the century. This is a nice example of a later antique gun leather rig. The holster is a catalog type with a nice rolled border tooling. The original skirt has been removed (probably broke off) with the belt loop sewn to the pouch.

Cowboy Belt and Western Holster

The holster appears to be re-sewn, but nicely done. Also, there are two holes on the front face of the holster, maybe for some kind of badge or concho which is now gone.

The belt is “bunkhouse” made from heavy harness leather, 2 ½” wide x 30” long. It shows a stitched cut on the front near the holster indicating the leather used was whatever was available at the time. Its fully lined and hand sewn with the lining made up of two separate pieces. The Belt has 35 loops for .44/.45 caliber bullets. The buckle chape is sewn and riveted with period rivets. Both belt and holster are black in color and have not been oiled.

Cowboy Belt and Western Holster

A neat old hand made belt made for a holster that had already seen a lot of use.

Cowboy Belt and Western Holster - Back Side
Cowboy Belt & Western Holster

Toy gun and cartridges shown in Clarks Antiques antique gun leather photos not included.


Clarks Antiques – Antique Gun Leather – Cowboy Belt and Western Holster – Price $175.00

Item #1460