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Antique Gun Leather


Antique Catalog Belt with 16 Gauge Loops – Circa 1880’s

This original antique and very rare shotgun cartridge belt from the frontier era is seldom seen. This piece of antique gun leather is marked with the logo “The Old Dog (picture of dog) Trade Mark”, most likely an antique catalog belt. It is 2 ½” wide x 41” long with 31 loops for 16 gauge shotgun shells.

The photos show one 20 gauge all brass shot shell in one of the loops as the loops have shrunk with age and a 16 gauge fits really tight. 20 gauge shells are loose in the loops, but won’t strain and break the stitching. All the original stitching is intact and both ends of the belt are nicely decorated with large period spots.

The bottom of the belt shows an attractive stamped border tooling. The original nickel plated buckle is completely oxidized with just traces of nickel showing. The logo is stamped on the tongue – see photos. There are two old copper rivets at the top of the belt, one on each end, that at one time held a strap for over the shoulders and behind the neck. This helped hold the heavily loaded belt around the waist.

This is a rare early piece in very good condition with no damage or degradation of the leather.


Clarks Antiques – Antique Gun Leather – Shotgun Cartridge Belt – Price $600.00

Item #1542