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Wells Fargo Express Rig

for a Colt Lightning, 4-1/2″ Barrel

This is an authentic Wells Fargo Express Rig.  The cartridge belt is marked “W.F. & Co., EX” with a period matched holster for a Colt Lightning with a 4 ½” barrel with ejector housing.

Wells Fargo Express Rig


The holster is un-marked. Most of the period express companies used the same style “express” belt for their mail guards. This belt is that style, with 12 cartridge loops for .38 caliber bullets on the left (buckle) side and a roller buckle attached with a sewn-on chape. The “W. F. & Co., EX” marking is their small round stamp under the buckle, not a big fake WELLS FARGO stamped or burned into the belt in a very visible location.

Wells Fargo Express Rig - Holster


The belt is 2 ½” wide x 40” long with 12 cartridge loops for .38 caliber bullets. The belt and holster are in good condition, showing no damage or losses. The holster shows wear and some period re-sewing. The cartridge loops show some old re-sewing and are all intact. The original buckle and chape stitching is gone and the chape has been period re-attached with early copper rivets. Finding original, authentic, W. F. & Co. leather items is a challenge as there are so many reproductions and just out-and-out fakes in circulation.

Wells Fargo Express Rig - Small Round Stamp

If you have an authentic W. F. & Co. marked Colt Lightning with a 4 ½” barrel, then this is the rig you are looking for.

.38 caliber bullets in photos not included.    


Clarks Antiques – Antique Gun Leather – Wells Fargo Express Rig – Price $650.00

Item #1707


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