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Antique Colt Thunderer

Made 1883

A very good antique Colt Thunderer 1877 double action .41 caliber revolver. The gun has a 6″ barrel, mother of pearl grips, and the etched panel on the barrel.

Antique Colt Thunderer

Colt Thunderer Condition

The etched panel is light. But the “D.A. 41” is very clear.  About 10% of bright blue is showing in protected areas, the rest has gone to a gun metal grey. Also, the frame shows case hardening with some nice color still visible. The action works perfectly and the bore is very good. In addition, the two-line barrel address and three-line patent dates are sharp and clear. Serial #47XXX matches on all parts. The front sight is the small early type and has not been filed. The two-piece pearl grips fit well.  However, they show two nicks but no losses and are of the period. Most likely installed by Hartley & Graham. The screws are all good with a few showing some minor knackering – nothing serious.

Antique Colt Thunderer - Mother of Pearl Grips
Antique Colt thunderer - Etched Panel
Antique Colt Thunderer - Bright blue on backstrap

A very nice representative 1877 in a desirable configuration. A factory letter is included verifying all the features, other than the type of stocks “not listed“.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Antique Colt Thunderer – Price $2,650.00

Item #1624