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Colt SAA Engraved Revolver

Antique .45 Colt Single Action Army

Made in 1876

This beautiful Antique Colt SAA Engraved Revolver is completely re-finished with contemporary engraving from the 1950’s. The engraving is finely accomplished in the early frontier era style. In addition, It has a satin nickel finish and Elk horn stocks.

A Colt letter (included) verifies .45 long Colt, date of manufacture, and blue finish. However, the barrel length and type of stocks are not listed.

Antique Colt SAA Engraved Revolver

Colt Condition

This 1876 Colt single action army is in excellent overall condition. First, the bore and chambers are excellent. It does not appear to haven been fired since re-finishing.  Also, the action and mechanics lock up tight. The engraving is very attractive with 100% of the re-nickel finish present. All markings are good and serial numbers match. Likewise, all parts are correct, with the exception of the ejector rod housing being a later Colt part – but it fits perfect.

Colt SAA Engraved Revolver .45 side view
Colt SAA Engraved Revolver with Elk Horn Stocks

The smooth Elk horn stocks fit well with a slight amount of epoxy used at top for a tight fit. The grips are slightly thicker for someone with large hands.

This Colt SAA revolver was obviously in very good shape when re-conditioned. Therefore, if you can’t afford tens-of-thousands of dollars for an original factory engraved 1876 Colt SAA revolver, then this Colt SAA .45 is an excellent substitute.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Colt SAA Engraved Revolver – Price $5,650.00

Item #1381