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Percussion Derringer and Flask

In Shadow Box Display

An attractive shadow box display of a percussion derringer and flask.

Percussion Derringer & Flask - Shadow Box

The Derringer

The derringer has no markings as to manufacture, but appears to be a high quality European made, circa 1840’s -1850’s. It has a 4 ½” barrel, .50 caliber, damascus barrel. The lockplate, hammer, trigger guard, and butt cap are all nicely engraved in simple period scrolls. The butt cap has a hinged cap box. The grip shows fine checkering and the metal parts appear to be “in-the-white” – not blued. The pistol is in good working order and the rifled bore is good. It is in overall fine condition.

Percussion Derringer - Engraved Period Scrolls
Percussion Derringer - Engraved Period Scrolls on Butt Cap


The powder flask is original to the same era as the pistol and looks to have a pewter body with an embossed winged critter of some sort. It is also in fine condition.

Percussion Derringer & Flask

Both pistol and flask are mounted in a very attractive framed shadow box display, easily accessible from the back. This display hung in our trophy room for three decades.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Percussion Derringer & Flask – Price $850.00

Item #1167


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