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Antique Civil War Sword

Made in 1864

A very hard used U.S. antique Civil War sword in overall fair condition. It’s marked “U.S., DFM, 1864” on one side of the hilt and “Emerson & Silver, Renton, N.J.” on the other.

Antique Civil War Sword

The blade is fully intact with fine-to-coarse pitting near the pointed end. The handle only retains about 40% of the original shark skin covering with the remainder worn down to the wooden base. All the wire wrap is gone and the brass hand guard shows some flattening as if a horse may have fallen on it. There is no scabbard.

Mark on hilt of Antique Civil War Sword
Brass hand guard of Antique Civil War Sword

This sword was obviously “there” showing heavy battle field use.


Clarks Antiques – Western Memorabilia – Civil War Sword – Price $425.00

Item #1099