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Colt Frontier Six Shooter

Colt SAA With Etched Panel

Made 1889

A true piece of Western lore is this antique Colt Frontier Six Shooter.  A very nice blue and case colored Colt SAA .44-40 with a nice sharp etched panel and original eagle grips.

Right view of Colt Frontier Six Shooter with eagle grips
Left view Colt Frontier Six Shooter

This Colt SAA shows all its original parts, all matching numbers, showing about 90% of its original finish with approx 30% still bright.  The rest a grey brown patine. Case colors showing on frame and hammer have an attractive muted patina. All markings are correct for the era of this gun and the etched panel is vivid and fully readable. The barrel shows some slight holster wear and minor knackering on the bottom at the cylinder pin area and the front sight has been reduced slightly. The mechanics are good and the bore very good for this Colt Frontier Six Shooter.

A letter from Colt (included) indicates the gun was manufactured circa 1889, but the shipping records were lost or destroyed many years ago.

Close-up of Antique Colt Six Shooter

The eagle grips are original, fit perfect, and only show one spot of slight wear on the right side. Inside the left grip is scratched “Boit (bought) July 4, 1889” and “$14” in two places.

Colt Six Shooter pistol grip detail

This is a great Colt Frontier Six Shooter SAA, 100% correct, and seldom found in this condition in a blue and case colored configuration.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Colt Frontier Six Shooter – Price $10,500.00

Item #1502

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