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Winchester 1866 Carbine

Henry Marked Barrel – Yellow Boy

Made 1868

Here is a very attractive example of an early engraved Winchester 1866 Carbine Yellow Boy. This Winchester ’66 is an early 2nd model with many special features.  Including, the concealed “inside” serial marking and a “Henry” marked barrel.  

This would be a great addition to any collection of “special order” and unique Winchester lever action firearms.

Winchester 1866 Carbine

Special Order Henry Marked Yellow Boy

This special order Winchester Model 1866 Carbine, serial #16523, was made in 1868. The carbine was highly embellished with special features, but is too early to letter. “Henry’s Patent” is visible on the barrel with only portions of “Kings Patent” visible. Most noteworthy, this carbine is New York engraved with the Mexican snake and eagle on the left side.  Also, it is known that the snake and eagle motif was as popular in South Texas as it was in Mexico. In addition, the carbine has stylized “RM” initials on the right side. Likewise, the top tang is engraved. Lastly, the top of the receiver, bottom of lifter and butt plate are all in matching motif. Without a doubt, the engraving is very well executed and high quality.

This Winchester 1866 Carbine was made without any provisions for a saddle ring. Also, all the metal surfaces were originally nickel plated with only traces remaining.

Winchester 1866 Carbine - Mexican snake and eagle engraving
Winchester 1866 Carbine - Stylized RM Engraving

New York Engraving

Before the serial number, located under the butt stock is a “RV” and a small “W“. Also, there is a small “57” stamped on the engraved right side frame. Also, the engraving includes a small “A” above and after each engraved initial (RM).  Most 66′ carbines that were purchased by the Mexican government were marked with a small “RM” and a small star burst.  Although, this carbine does not have this marking.   The large “RM” could stand for the Republic of Mexico. In addtion, the “57” stamping on this carbine may be a property mark and the two “A’s” some type of government mark.  The top receiver’s engraving has also been removed.  Probably, the removed engraving at the top of the receiver had a name or inscription at one time.

It may be worth researching these markings, as this particular gun may have been special ordered for a high ranking government official or military officer.  

All the parts of the gun, including the screws, appear to be original.  The upper tang has an old braised repair at the screw hole. Furthermore, all the metal surfaces are a smooth grey color with only some medium pitting. Lastly, the brass parts show a nice aged mustard color patina.

The gun overall is well worn, but not abused. Likewise, the engraving shows strong and complete, except the upper frame as mentioned before. Also, the walnut stocks are in very good condition. They fit well and appear original. Furthermore, the butt stock is slightly off because of the repaired tang affecting the original fit.

Mechanics are good. Surprisingly, the bore and rifling are very good with little pitting. Along with the original cleaning rod in the butt stock.

This carbine is in overall good to very good condition.


** Note: Additional high definition photos are available upon request.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Winchester 1866 Carbine – Price $12,495.00 

Item #1128

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