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Colt Rig for 44/45

4-3/4″ or 5-1/2″ SAA

Circa 1940-1950

An attractive vintage Colt Rig for 44/45 SAA with a 4 ¾” or 5 ½” barrel. This rig is in excellent overall condition, showing little use.

Colt Rig for 44/45
Colt Rig for 44/45 - For 4-3/4" or 5-1/2" Colt

The Holster

The holster is maker marked “J.R. Laird, Santa Fe, NM”. It is made in the style reminiscent of the early F.A. Meanea holsters of the 1881-1928 era. The holster is beautifully made showing the same high quality as the original Meanea holsters. It is in excellent condition showing all the original stitching and original Cheyenne style toe plug.

Colt Rig for 44/45 - Maker Mark

The Money Belt

The belt appears to be of the same era as the holster and shows the maker mark “K.W. From, NEB. Terr.” I could not find any information on this maker. The money belt is 2 ¼” wide x 38” long with 23 cartridge loops for .44/.45 caliber bullets. It looks to be made of horsehide with leather chapes and cartridge loops that match the holster. The loops are uniquely woven through the horse hide and secured with nickel spots. The belt is in excellent condition with original solid stitching.


This is really an attractive rig, contemporary to the old Wild West.


** .44-40 bullets and Colt SAA in photos is not included.


Clarks Antiques – Antique Gun Leather – Colt Rig for 44/45 – Price $1,500.00

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