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New Items Recently Added to CLARKS ANTIQUES

Factory Engraved Colt .45

Made in 1882

Factory Engraved Colt 45

This is an excellent, early single action, re-nickeled to beautiful condition. The revolver shows a beautiful old re-nickel finish, 5 ½” barrel, and beautiful one-piece ivory grips. A factory letter (included) confirms features.

44 Henry Ammo

UMC Brand

A good OPENED box of Remington/UMC brand 44 Henry ammo.   All the original cartridges are present and are in very good overall condition.

44 henry ammo

Holster & Belt for  Colt 1878 D.A.

Circa 1880’s

Rig for Colt 1878 DA

A very cool antique holster and money belt. This rig for Colt 1878 DA consists of a maker marked money belt and an unmarked holster for a Colt with a 7 ½” barrel.

41 Colt SAA

Made in 1888

A beautiful 41 Colt SAA revolver in overall excellent condition. The Eagle grips are original and fit perfect.

41 Colt SAA

Antique 38-40 Ammo

Circa 1895

Antique 38-40 Ammo

This is an OPENED, antique 38-40 ammo box with a full compliment of original cartridges. It’s a first issue, central fire, Winchester Brand box with “center fire” noted on the side labels, indicating a later version of the earliest 1880’s boxes.