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New Items Recently Added to CLARKS ANTIQUES

Slim Jim Holster & Belt

Circa 1870’s

Slim Jim Holster and Belt

This Slim Jim Holster and Belt is a way-cool old gold rush style rig showing tons of use and great character.  It has seen it all.

Antique 44-40 Ammo

Circa early 1880’s

This box of .44-40 Central Fire, black powder cartridges is in very good condition. It has been OPENED on three sides and contains all the original cartridges that are in very good untouched condition. 

Rifle Scabbard

Carved Pearl Grips

Circa 1890’s

Carved Pearl Grips

A beautiful pair of carved pearl grips for a Colt SAA, circa 1890’s. The right grip shows a carved ox head with jeweled (fake) eyes and nostrils.

Catalog Holster & Belt

Circa 1880’s

A great piece of antique gun leather is our Catalog Holster and Belt. A nice old cowboy rig with a “Royal” marked catalog holster and un-marked money belt.

Catalog Holster and Belt