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Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt

.45 Colt

Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt

If you are looking for an antique Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt, in excellent condition, then look no further. This is a beautiful example of an early Texas Cattle Brand engraved Colt Single Action, by Cole Agee.

.45 Ammo Picture Box

Circa 1885 -1900

A very good full box of 45 Colt picture box ammo. These Winchester brand Colt “picture” boxes, showing an 1878 Colt revolver are very desirable and always in demand.
Rifle Scabbard

Colt Open Top & Rig

Circa 1871 – 1872

Colt open top and rig

An early Colt Open Top and rig reminiscent of early California and the gold rush era.

1860 Slim Jim Holster

for 1860 Colt Army

A beautiful early California style Slim Jim Holster, triple-recurve throat profile, for an 1860 Colt Army revolver.

slim jim holster

R.T. Frazier Rig

Circa 1900

RT Frazier holster and belt

An excellent condition RT Frazier Holster and Belt rig.  The belt is a catalog money belt.