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Rare Civil War Revolver & Rig

Made 1860

Civil War Revolver & Rig

Very rare unique civil war era rig and low production, early metallic cartridge, single action revolver.

Winchester 38-40 Ammo

Circa 1885

This is an OPENED antique 38-40 black powder ammo box with a full compliment of original cartridges

Winchester 38-40 Ammo

Antique Colt 44-40 SAA

Made 1898

Antique Colt 44-40 SAA

A very fine antique Colt 44-40 Single Action Army revolver. It has a 7-1/2″ barrel and hard rubber stocks.  Includes factory letter.

.41 Short Picture Box

Circa 1880’s

An early .41 Short Picture Box by the United States Cartridge Co., Lowell Mass., USA. The box is marked “For Colt’s Double Action Pistol”, and shows a picture of an 1877 Colt’s Thunderer on the top label.

41 Short Picture Box

1873 Winchester SRC

Made in 1898

1873 Winchester SRC

A very nice antique 1873 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine, clean and all original throughout. Factory letter included.