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New Items Recently Added to CLARKS ANTIQUES

Colt SAA 3rd Generation 

Engraved & Silver Plated

Colt SAA 3rd Gen

This is a fabulous Colt SAA 3rd Gen .45 caliber revolver NEW in the custom shop box. It is fully factory engraved in class “D” early Germanic style scrolls.  Also, it is fully silver plated with fire blue screws.  In addition, all features are verified by factory letter (included).

1874 Cavalry Rig

Hazen Cartridge Loops

This is an exceptionally nice 1874 Cavalry Belt Rig with the scarce 1874 Hazen Cartridge Loops for the 45-70 carbine. This rig is a typical Cavalry Trooper’s belt rig worn during the Western Indian Wars.


1874 Cavalry Belt Rig

Prairie Holster & Belt Rig

Circa 1880’s

Prairie Belt Rig

An excellent frontier era prairie belt rig showing little or no use what-so-ever. The holster is beautifully hand tooled in period floral patterns for a Colt 7 ½” 44-40. It’s a half skirt holster with a single loop and constructed from heavy pig skin. Also, this beautiful holster is accompanied with a RARE Prairie Belt made for the civilian market.  


Winchester Rifle Scabbard

for 1866/73 Winchester

This is an early catalog type Winchester rifle scabbard to fit an 1866/1873 Winchester rifle with a 24″ barrel.  SOLD

Winchester Rifle Scabbard