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Colt SAA 45

Made in 1892

This is a very nice, showy, all period original antique Colt SAA 45.

Colt SAA 45
Colt SAA 45 - Patent Dates

A fine, original, Colt Single Action Army .45 caliber revolver with a 4 ¾” barrel. The revolver shows pearl grips and vintage nickel plating that was period applied.

Colt – Condition

There is no factory information available for this gun and no shipping records exist. The nickel is about 85% intact and the pearl grips are very good – they fit well showing nice iridescent color.

Colt SAA 45 - Pearl Grips
Colt SAA 45 - Serial Number

Mechanics are excellent, the bore very good, and the markings sharp and clear. All the serial numbers (148565) match and the barrel shows a two-line address.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Colt Single Action Army 45 – Price $6,500.00

Item #1774


This Colt pairs well with our Cowboy Rig