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Factory Engraved Colt 45

Single Action Army

Made in 1882

This is a factory engraved Colt 45 in overall excellent condition. The revolver shows a beautiful old re-nickel finish, 5 ½” barrel, and beautiful one-piece ivory grips. A factory letter (included) confirms features; nickel finish, .45 caliber, factory engraved, with barrel length and stocks not listed. It was shipped to Simmons Hardware Co., St. Louis, Missouri, Sept 11, 1882.

Factory Engraved Colt 45

Colt .45 Condition

This revolver is in great condition, showing little use. All the parts show an old re-nickel finish, with 98% + coverage, just a few spots of tiny flaking here-and-there.

Factory Engraved Colt 45 - Right Side Engraving
Factory Engraved Colt 45 - Left Side Engraving

The factory engraving is outstanding. Although, it does show a few minor “buffed” areas near the hammer. Also, the front sight is a replacement. Most likely installed when the revolver was re-plated. The inside of the barrel shows a few tiny spots of heat discolorations where the sight was replaced. Otherwise the bore is excellent, as well as the cylinders. This single action saw little or no use before its refinish.

Factory Engraved Colt 45 - Barrel Engraving
Factory Engraved Colt 45 - Left Side Barrel Engraving
Factory Engraved Colt 45 - Ivory Grips

All the serial numbers match, in all the correct locations. Assembly #911 is on the loading gate and frame and under the trigger guard. It has a one line barrel address and “45” stamped on the left side of the trigger guard.

Factory Engraved Colt 45 - Serial Numbers

Colt Mechanics

The mechanics are excellent. The cylinder locks up tight and the original heavy hammer spring is retained. In addition, all the screws show good slots and appear to be original to the gun. The grips are one piece ivory grips and are in excellent condition. The grips fit perfectly and were likely added when the gun was re-nickeled.

This is an excellent, early single action, re-nickeled to beautiful condition.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Factory Engraved Colt 45 – Price $18,500.00 

Item #1776


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