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US Cavalry Sword Rig

Pattern 1881 U.S. Flap Holster

This is a seldom found US Cavalry sword rig with belt and hanger, along with a Pattern 1881 U.S. Flap Holster. This type of belt was commercially manufactured for sale to Army officers in the time frame of 1851-1874.

US Cavalry Sword Rig

Belt – Condition

The belt is made of a light polished leather folded over a cloth core. It has decorative machine stitching that runs the full length of the belt body and perforates through both sides. They came with various styles of high relief, gilded buckle plates (gilding is gone on this one) and a belt slide with a spring detachable sword sling. The back of the plate is marked “The Pettiron Bros, Mfg Co, Cin’ti. O.“. The folded construction belt was light and relatively flimsy and susceptible to moisture, deteriorating quickly in arduous service. For that reason, finding one such as this one, in very good condition, is truly rare, even though they were relatively common.

US Cavalry Sword Rig Holster
US Cavalry Sword Rig Saber Hanger

This belt shows all the original stitching.  In addition, the cloth core is still in place. Also, it comes with its original belt slide and spring-loaded detachable sword sling with dismounted hook. The sword slings were constructed in the same manner as the belt and deteriorated even quicker than the belts – as this one has. Although it has the original hanger and slings, additional material has been bonded to the back of the original slings to hold them together.

US Cavalry Sword Rig - Buckle Plate

Pattern 1881 Holster – Condition

The holster is a second type 1881 Pattern Holster for a Colt SAA and S&W Schofield revolver. It is in good overall condition showing the embossed “US” in the oval on the front. There is an inspector’s stamp that is illegible at the bottom of the flap. The leather is still supple, but the shiny black finish has gone dull over time with minor surface crazing overall. There is no damage or losses to the leather.  All the original stitching is present showing one split along the main pouch, about half way down, and about 2″ long.  The thread has disintegrated and has been glued together from the inside – not seen from the outside. The original toe plug is still in place.

A nice rig with a rarely found sword belt and priced right.

US Cavalry Sword Rig - Buckle Plate Makers Mark

Clarks Antiques – Antique Gun Leather – US Cavalry Sword Rig – Price $1,250.00

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