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Winchester ’73 in .44-40 Caliber, Special Order – Made 1881

This Winchester 1873 Rifle 28″ Barrel is a special order 2nd Model Rifle with a set trigger. All these features are verified by a factory letter – included. This Winchester ’73 rifle is in fine condition showing some PROFESSIONAL RESTORATION.

The butt stock is a replacement that has been professionally accomplished and matches the forend perfectly. I imagine the forend is also a replacement, but I have not dissembled the gun to confirm. The barrel and magazine tube have about 98% of the bluing remaining and has been freshened up, but does not appear to have been sanded or filed. The receiver shows about 70% of the blue and appears to be original with some muted bright blue showing in spots.

The restoration was excellently done and seems to have been centered on matching the rest of the gun to the original receiver. It is 44-40 caliber, marked on the lifter, with a Sporting Rear Sight and a nickel silver Rocky Mountain Front Sight – both available from Winchester. All the markings are good, mechanics are good with the dust cover having a tendency to bind up on cocking – possibly a worn extractor. The bore is rough, showing strong rifling with pitting and a ring about 5” from the muzzle. A reproduction cleaning rod is in the butt trap.

All in all it’s a very nice 2nd Model ’73 rifle, with special features, that looks great and is enhanced by the restorations.

Clarks Antiques Firearms – Winchester 1873 Rifle – Price $3,900.00     

Item #1466