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Prairie Cartridge Belt – Movie Prop

Texas Maker Marked

Circa 1980’s – 1990’s

A nice reproduction movie prop prairie cartridge belt to display with a Sharps Rifle of .40 – .45 caliber or any other long arm chambered up to 45-70. The belt is a maker marked, civilian style cartridge belt for .40 – .45 caliber rifle cartridges. It is marked “Flynn & Flynn, maker, Leon Springs, Texas”.  Also, it is made in the same style as the early 1870’s military prairie belts, showing the same buckle mounted in the same manner.  A very well done reproduction of an 1890’s belt.

Prairie Cartridge Belt

Prairie Cartridge Belt

The cartridge web belt is kaki in color.  Also, the belt is 3″ wide x 40″ long with 42 cartridge loops. Very good condition.  Although, the belt does show some soiling from use. In addition, the original stitching is all present and good.  Similarly, the leather chapes are in excellent shape. The back of the buckle is marked “USA” and shows a small anchor stamping. Also, on the backside, the buckle chape is marked “39. Furthermore, an illegible name is inked (and crossed out) on the back side of the webbing.

Prairie Cartridge Belt
Prairie Cartridge Belt - Texas Maker Marked

History of Flynn & Flynn

A recent insight by one of “Clarks Antiques” followers, indicated he had known Riley Flynn and offered this information:

Riley Flynn lived in Leon Springs, Texas, and provided horses, tack, uniforms and accouterment props to the movie industry back in the 1980’s and 90’s.  He also had a few minor rolls in some movies, for example, he portrayed Captain Ragsdale in “Geronimo, An American Legend“, among other major films.  He made some of the gun leather used in the movies, that he marked with his “Flynn & Flynn” cartouche – the other Flynn was his son.  This is a rare contemporary marking and seldom encountered.

45-70 & Winchester .405 cartridges in photos are not included.


Clarks Antiques – Antique Gun Leather – Prairie Cartridge Belt – Price $350.00

Item #1594


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