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Antique Colt 44-40 SAA

7-1/2″, Made in 1898

A very fine Antique Colt 44-40 SAA revolver. It has a 7 ½” barrel and hard rubber stocks, serial #176178. A factory letter (included) confirms all features being shipped to Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Mfg. Company, San Fransisco Agency, February 24, 1898.
Antique Colt 44-40 SAA
Antique Colt 44-40 SAA - Case Coloring

Colt 44-40 SAA Condition

The gun is in very fine overall condition, showing approximately 60% of the original bright blue. The frame, hammer, and trigger show a very nice, muted, case coloring. The original rubber grips fit perfect and are in excellent condition. The barrel is rolled “Colt Frontier Six Shooter” and all other markings are sharp, clear, and in all the correct locations. However, the front sight has been filed down slightly. Mechanics are good and the bore is near excellent.

Antique Colt 44-40 SAA - Barrel Marking
Antique Colt 44-40 SAA - Serial Number

A great looking, high condition, all original, antique Colt Frontier Six Shooter.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Antique Colt 44-40 SAA – Price $8,650.00

Item #1769


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