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Nimschke Engraved Colt SAA


Made in 1884

This is a fabulous fully Nimschke Engraved Colt SAA, 44-40, with carved pearl Ox Head grips in overall excellent condition. It is fully silver plated with gold washed cylinder and ejector housing. It has a 4 ¾” barrel with the 2-line barrel address. A factory letter (included) confirms caliber, 4 ¾” barrel, and finish “soft”.
Nimschke Engraved Colt SAA full view pic
The revolver was shipped to Hartley & Graham, New York, April 12, 1884. The finish “soft” indicates the revolver was shipped without final finish for engraving outside the Colt factory.
Nimschke Engraved Colt SAA - Engraved Cylinder
Nimschke Engraved Colt SAA - Left Side Cylinder Engraving

Nimschke Condition

The gun shows use and carry with about 80% of the original silver finish remaining and traces of gold wash in the cylinder flutes, and bottom side of the ejector housing. The wear on the silver finish is mostly on the high relief of the engraving, exposing the copper plating underneath the silver finish.

Nimschke Engraved Colt SAA - Barrel Engraving
The Ox head grips were added at the time of the engraving. They fit perfect showing some shrinkage and natural flaking at the right-side top and left side bottom.  The gun functions perfectly, all the numbers match (107176), and the bore is very good. The barrel shows the 2-line address and the left side of the trigger guard is marked “44 C.F.”.   Nimschke engraved the side of the barrel where the etched panel would have been, as the panel would have encompassed most of the barrel. The name “Jim Lucee” ??? is lightly scratched on the grip strap, under the grips.
Nimschke Engraved Colt SAA - Pearl Ox Head Grips
Nimschke Engraved Colt SAA - Serial Numbers

A beautiful gun from the frontier era, engraved by the master engraver himself. It was carried, and used, but well cared for and maintained, remaining in excellent condition to this day.

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