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41 Colt SAA

Made in 1888

A beautiful 41 Colt SAA revolver in overall excellent condition.

41 Colt SAA
41 Colt SAA - Patent Dates

This revolver was made and sold in 1888, the second year of .41 caliber production. A Colt letter (included) confirms all the features of the gun; .41/c, 4 ¾”, Blue, Rubber Stocks, shipped to Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., Chicago, May 10, 1888.

41 Colt SAA – Condition

It shows about 75% bright blue, wear mostly on the ram rod housing and cylinder. The muzzle shows holster wear and there is some minor knackering on one spot of the cylinder. Also, the frame and hammer show subdued case color, mostly silvered out.

41 Colt SAA - Eagle Grips
41 Colt SAA - Serial Numbers

The Eagle grips are original and fit perfect. Also in excellent condition. All the serial numbers (126263) match, 2-line barrel address, and “41 cal” on the trigger guard. The mechanics and bores are excellent. In addition, the screw slots are all good and some still show their niter-blue color.

A great gun in great condition.

Clarks Antiques Firearms – 41 Colt SAA – Price $7,800.00

Item #1783


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