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Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt

.45 Colt, 6-1/2″ Barrel

If you are looking for an antique Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt, in excellent condition, then look no further. This is a beautiful example of an early Texas Cattle Brand engraved Colt Single Action, by Cole Agee.

Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt
Colt Agee Cattle Brand Colt - Left Side
Colt Agee Cattle Brand Colt - Left Side Engraving
Colt Agee Cattle Brand Colt - Right Side Engraving

Cole Agee History

Cole Agee was a prolific, self-taught, Texas gun engraver from 1920 to 1955. He invented the “Texas Cattle Brand” engraving motif in the early 1940’s. He created a unique style of gun engraving that has been copied by many excellent (and not-so-excellent) engravers that has endured to this day. Agee kept no records of the guns he engraved, likely 100’s in the fancy scroll style, and few in the Texas Cattle Brand. According to Agee’s widow, she recalled that he only engraved 15 to 20 guns in his cattle brand style. After his death in 1955 many other engravers, some taught by Agee himself, took over and continued that style up to the present.

Cole Agee’s Cattle Brand Colts

Agee’s Cattle Brand Colts were all first-generation single actions. Most he re-barreled to .45 Colt caliber with special order 6 ½” long barrels with the Colt 2-line barrel address. These barrels are virtually unknown to the Colt collecting fraternity. His engraving was very high relief and his coverage was nearly 100%, with the exception of the hammer that was not engraved. He even engraved the inside of the trigger guard grip. Most of his cattle brand single actions had fancy grips and special finishes. This gun for sale shows all these features.

Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt - Long Horn Steer Engraving
Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt - African Lion Head
Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt - 2 Line Barrel Address

Colt Single Action – Condition

The gun is an antique Colt Single Action Army, serial #169337, made in 1897. It shows the 6 ½” barrel with the 2-line address, .45 Colt caliber, and 2-piece ivory grips. It is profusely engraved in Agee’s bold high relief style overall. There is no engraving on the hammer. It is fully nickel plated, retaining approx. 95% of the nickel, and in overall excellent condition. The mechanics are excellent, as well as the bore. Also, the ivory grips are excellent showing a beautiful aged patina with no losses and fit perfect.

The engraving is fantastic, showing the long horn steer at the muzzle (on both sides) and an African Lion head on the left recoil shield. These animal caricatures are seen on other Agee cattle brand guns, as pictured in Jink Howards book,Cole Agee, Texas Engraver”. The book is included with the purchase and is in as-new condition. Cole’s purported personal brand “2, sideways 2, P” (two-lazy-to-pee) is on many of his cattle brand guns. This gun shows a “2, sideways 2, R” (two-lazy-to-R)??? I do not know the significance of this brand, but it also shows on an Agee Cattle Brand Bisley, pictured on page 124 of Howards book. There are about 6 other SAA’s pictured in the book with the same engraving, same caliber, and same 6 ½” barrel & 2-line address.

A rare opportunity to purchase a Cole Agee, Texas Cattle Brand engraved Colt Single Action revolver.


Clarks Antiques Firearms – Cole Agee Cattle Brand Colt – Price $19,500.00

Item #1731


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