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Colt SAA 7-1/2″ Army Rig

Circa 1905

An interesting Colt SAA 7-1/2″ Army Rig. The belt is a Pattern 1874 U.S. Pistol Belt that was made and used from 1874 to after the turn of the century.

Colt SAA 7-1/2" Army Rig
Colt SAA 7-1/2" Army Rig - Holster

This particular rig is marked “Rock Island Arsenal 1905” on the back along with inspection initials “MEH“. Also, it has a very nice “US” plate that looks to be varnished.

Colt SAA 7-1/2" Army Rig - Belt Marking
Colt SAA 7-1/2" Army Rig - US Plate

The flap holster appears to be a commercially purchased holster with no markings at all. It is simple in construction, not having the usual government requirements (Mil-Specs) such as a toe plug.

Colt SAA 7-1/2" Army Rig

The belt loop is sewn and riveted in place as is the flap hold-down strap. The style of rivets used were not mil-spec and indicate a turn of the century manufacture date. That said, both belt and holster are in excellent condition – showing little use. Furthermore, all the holster stitching is original and good and neither piece has been oiled. A Colt SAA, 7 ½” barrel, fits nicely in the holster (see photos) as well as an 1860 Army Colt and an 1860 Army Colt conversion revolver.

An intriguing rig I have never come across before.


Toy gun shown in Clarks Antiques antique gun leather photos not included.


Clarks Antiques – Antique Gun Leather – Colt SAA 7-1/2″ Army Rig – Price $950.00

Item #1620


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