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Clarks Antiques – Colt Hand Guns and Western Collectibles

Antique Colt revolvers, Colt SAA, and Engraved Colts

Browse our collection of Colt hand guns including engraved Colt SAAs, Colt Frontier Six Shooters, and other early Colt revolvers at Clarks Antiques.  The Colt SAA revolver is probably the most iconic firearm of the Old West.  When you think of the “Old West” the two most famous firearms are the Colt and Winchester.  We carry a variety of historical guns, including a historical Colt Open Top Revolver and many more.

We invite you to view our inventory by clicking on the hand gun dropdown menu above. Don’t see exactly what you need?  Everything we have is not on the web site, so please contact us to inquire as to your wants as we may have what you are looking for.